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Carla Stillwell

Carla Stillwell

Writer, Director, Producer and the Executive Director of The Stillwell Institute for Contemporary Black Art

Chicago, IL

Carla Stillwell (she/her) is a lifelong Chicagoan, an award-winning actor, playwright, producer, artistic director and teacher for three decades. Ms. Stillwell is a currently a teaching artist with Victory Gardens Theatre. She has founded The Stillwell Institute for Contemporary Black Arts. This organization moves with a mission to recruit, develop and support contemporary Black artists and to teach art making in the Black community as a healing practice, a vehicle for social change and a viable career opportunity. Most recently, she has joined the staff of Collaboraction as the company's first full-time producer.

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Redefining Success with Carla Stillwell

Redefining Success with Carla Stillwell

23 May 2024

In this episode, Carla Stillwell and Yura Sapi challenge the "starving artist" trope, offering tips to overcome scarcity mindsets in theatre. Carla, founder of the Stillwell Institute for Contemporary Black Art, shares personal experiences advocating for breaking traditional theatre boundaries and fostering holistic, inclusive environments emphasizing the importance of community and collaboration, and highlighting storytelling's power, especially for people of color.

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