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J. Emilio Bencosme-Zayas

Caribbean-based theater artist and researcher with an interest in the intersection of theater and politics. 

Theater artist, researcher and translator interested in the Caribbean and its cultural and political production. Interested in the exploration of the relationship of spaces, objects and bodies, as well as the links between art and politics for social change. Holds a BA in International Relations from Tecnológico de Monterrey campus Querétaro and an MA in Theatre and Performance Studies from Queen Mary University of London.  Currently a member of Teatro Lluvia and Editorial Nonum, spaces for theatrical and literary creation and research. Seeking to generate spaces for collective participation and demand better conditions for the benefit of theater artists and artists in general. 

A group of artists sand in front of a brightly painted mural.
Finding Open Channels’ Place in the Caribbean Cultural Landscape

Finding Open Channels’ Place in the Caribbean Cultural Landscape

20 June 2024

J Emilio Bencosme-Zayas shares the experience of participating in the Festival del Caribe in Santiago de Cuba as part of Open Channels/Canales Abiertos. In reflecting on the festival, he discusses what Open Channels has achieved so far, and imagines what else could happen in the future.

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