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Karen Ann Daniels

Before joining the Folger as the Director of Programming/Artistic Director of Folger Theatre in 2021, Karen Ann Daniels was director of the Mobile Unit at The Public Theater in NYC, touring Mobile Unit productions across all five boroughs of NY and launching new programs such as Mobile Unit In Corrections which brings the tools of theater into the lives of incarcerated communities.

A tall Black man performs passionately while surrounded by audience members.
Shakespeare Against the Canon in Our Verse in Time to Come

Shakespeare Against the Canon in Our Verse in Time to Come

22 August 2023

Karen Ann Daniels, Malik Work, and John “Ray” Proctor sit down with Melissa Lin Sturges to discuss their work on Our Verse in Time to Come, a Folger Theatre production that used Shakespeare as a jumping off point to become a testament to “the other bards”—the ones still living and the ones still to come.

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