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Macy E. Kunke

Macy E. Kunke is a Stage Manager, Playwright, and student who creates work that is pensive, poetic, and a little bit strange: just like her.

Macy E Kunke is a Los Angeles-based Stage Manager and introspective Playwright who is deeply passionate about grassroots activism, gender equality, and the climate crisis. She is a native-born Texan who fell into theatre on accident and became utterly enamored by it. She is a firm believer that change and the arts are intertwined and inseparable: one can not exist without the other. Macy has a BFA in Technical Theatre at Stephen's College in Columbia, Missouri (go Stars!) and is a current MFA Stage Management candidate at the California Institute for the Arts, located in Valencia, California. She won the Warehouse Theatre Company Short Play Festival for her play Great Taste in Neighbors and the Stephens College New Work Contest for her play The Appointment. She was also selected as a semi-finalist in the Young Playwright Festival for her play Paper Airplanes. Macy loves Pokémon, her family, and making the world a better place, in that order.

Macy Kunke wears a headset and attends to multiple screens at a stage management table.
How Stage Management Can Set the Stage for a Greener Theatre

How Stage Management Can Set the Stage for a Greener Theatre

29 September 2023

Macy E. Kunke shares the practical steps she took to cultivate more sustainable stage management practices for a recent production of Men on Boats. By utilizing a variety of digital tools instead of more traditional printed paper methods, the stage management team created only a fraction of typical paper waste and found that their work that was cheaper, simpler, and more collaborative than typical stage management processes.

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