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I am a 37-year-old male from Nubia, which is located in the southern region of Egypt. Coming from the third generation of Nubians who were displaced in 1964,as a member of the Nubian community. I was active advocating for Nubian rights in Egypt and have co-founded and founded several organizations to support this cause.:

- the Nubian Youth Democratic Union (NYDU), which was -founded in 2008. The NYDU is an organization formed by Nubian political activists to address the Nubian case along with other national political cases in Egypt. It has been instrumental in promoting Nubian representation and involvement in the political process. The union later became a member of the National Association for Change, which is considered the core of the 25th January Revolution.

-I am also a co-founder of the1' Al Dostour Ya Nobyeen" campaign, which was created in 2012 by a group of youth in the Nubian community during the formation of the constitution committee. The campaign aimed to have a Nubian delegate in the committee, and it achieved great success in 2014 by choosing Mr. Hagag Adoul as our Nubian delegate. This led me to become a member of the consultant office for Mr. Hagag Adoul, where I continued to promote Nubian representation in the political process.

Furthermore, I am the projects manager for Nubian Geographic, a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to document Nubia's rich history, geography, language, and wildlife. We aim to preserve and celebrate our community's heritage by becoming the originator of a Nubian scientific society. Through this initiative, we have already made significant progress in documenting Nubia's unique culture and history, and we are committed to continuing our work to promote Nubian awareness and representation.


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Nubian Theatre

Nubian Theatre

9 July 2024

Nubia has a long history of theatre, both before and after the displacement of the 1960s. In this episode, hosts Marina Johnson and Nabra Nelson highlight Nubian theatre, including the only Nubian opera, Opera El Aml by Mohy El Din Sherif. With special guest Mazen Alaa from Nubian Geographic, this episode focus on Nubian theatre in Abu Simbel and the effect that the displacement had and continues to have on theatre in Nubia and the Nubian diaspora today.

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