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Melissa Lin Sturges

Melissa Lin Sturges is an emerging scholar, an educator, and a practitioner of performance and dramatic literature, plus an East Coast dramaturg and an advocate for performative writing and adaptations.

Melissa Lin Sturges is a 3rd year doctoral student in Theatre, Dance, and Performance Studies. She has published performance reviews in Theatre Journal, Ecumenica, Shakespeare Bulletin (forthcoming) and PARTake (forthcoming this month!). She is also a D.C.Teaching Artist and Arts Administrator and is on the Steering Committee for the American Theater Archives Project. Melissa teaches courses that center public speaking, storytelling, and styles of performance for young actors and non-actors of all ages. She is also an audience services manager and writes freelance arts reviews for DCTrending, amongst others publications. Her research interests surround modernist drama to New Play Development. As well as Queer Theory with an emphasis on erratic temporalities, endurance, and performance as a radical act. (She also enjoys writing on other topics such as pop music, roller-skating, and romantic comedies.)



A tall Black man performs passionately while surrounded by audience members.
Shakespeare Against the Canon in Our Verse in Time to Come

Shakespeare Against the Canon in Our Verse in Time to Come

22 August 2023

Karen Ann Daniels, Malik Work, and John “Ray” Proctor sit down with Melissa Lin Sturges to discuss their work on Our Verse in Time to Come, a Folger Theatre production that used Shakespeare as a jumping off point to become a testament to “the other bards”—the ones still living and the ones still to come.

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Making Space for Queer Futurity in Texas

Making Space for Queer Futurity in Texas

16 August 2023

Austin’s pop princess, p1nkstar, shares the story of her evolution from performance artist creating a pop star persona for Instagram to real life pop star to community leader creating spaces for fellow trans artists to showcase their work in Texas. This episode also features guest co-host Melissa Lin Sturges, coordinator of the annual Doric Wilson Panel for the Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) LGBTQ+ Focus Group.

Eight actors dressed in costume singing together on stage.
A Music Man for Deaf Audiences

A Music Man for Deaf Audiences

6 September 2022

Melissa Lin Sturges shares her experience attending Olney Theatre Center’s bilingual production of The Music Man, which was presented in both English and American Sign Language.

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