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Sophie Sagan-Gutherz

Sophie is NYC-based multi-disciplinary artist.

Sophie Sagan-Gutherz is an artist who schleps around NYC, sometimes with a butterfly-covered cane. They’re often thinking about the body’s relationship to being physically disabled and trans, the five boyfriends they had in seventh grade, and the magical woods of Massachusetts. Recent: POSSUM (short film - writer/actor/producer) Final Girls Berlin (audience award); Salem Horror Fest (U.S. Premiere). Select acting collaborations: Lincoln Center, Ars Nova, TFANA, The Public, and Williamstown. TV/Film: Cats and Walls (opposite Dylan Baker), SNL ("Pride Month Song''), Idol Chaser (VLVMedia). Screenwriting: HollyShorts Quarterfinalist. Playwriting: Irons in the Fire (Faultline Theatre), Greenhouse Lab (Orchard Project), Resident (Fresh Ground Pepper), Resident (The Barn at Lee). Finalist placements: Williamstown J. Michael Friedman Fellowship, Soho Rep Writer/Director Lab, The Civilians R&D Group, New Georges The Jam, The Public Emerging Writers Group, and EST Youngblood. Two-time semi-finalist for NPC/The O'Neill. sophiesagangutherz.com @sophiesagangutherz

Two figures in abstract red and black costumes dance on stage.
Gender, Disability, Transmedia, and Balkan Folklore

Gender, Disability, Transmedia, and Balkan Folklore

10 June 2024

Sophie Sagan-Gutherz shares about Kat Mustatea’s ielele, a show that uses a unique instrument called the BodyMouth to sound out histories of the ielele, a genderless creature in Balkan folklore. Sophie highlights how this show’s use of technology illuminates connections between disability and transgression of binary gender.