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Tannis Kowalchuk

Tannis Kowalchuk is the founding artistic director of Farm Arts Collective and farmer on Willow Wisp Organic Farm.

Tannis is the founding artistic director of Farm Arts Collective. She specializes in devised theatre and creative place-making projects. She is an organic farmer and co-owner of Willow Wisp Organic Farm where she manages the cut-flower production. She was an original co-founder of NACL Theatre and worked in Canada with Primus Theatre. Tannis has directed and performed in over 30 original theatre productions in the US and Canada. Current projects include Dream on the Farm (director) and her international touring solo performance Decompositions. Past credits include The Weather Project and Courage (NACL/Governors Island). Awards: Women and the Arts and Media Collaboration 2019.

Outside in a field, performer leans away from another stilt-wearing performer.
Agri-Culture in Climate Change

Agri-Culture in Climate Change

23 April 2024

Tannis Kowalchuk, artistic director of Farm Arts Collective, shares about the project Dream on the Farm—a ten year project of climate change plays performed on Willow Wisp Organic Farm that grapples with the questions: How do we imagine our future? What are our dreams?

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