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Livestreamed on this page on Wednesday 10 July 2024 at 10:30 a.m. PDT (San Francisco, UTC -7) / 1:30 p.m. EDT (New York, UTC -4) / 6:30 p.m. BST (London, UTC +1) / 7:30 p.m. CEST (Berlin, UTC +2).

London, UK
Wednesday 10 July 2024

performingborders in Conversation with Rosa-Johan Uddoh and Party Office

An Ongoing Conversation Between Artists, Thinkers, and Activists

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Wednesday 10 July 2024
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performingborders presented artists Rosa-Johan Uddoh and Party Office in  an open online conversation exploring their upcoming performingborders commissions: our annual performance to camera for 2024 and our guest-curated digital pamphlet, both published before the 10 July.

This year performingborders commissioned two separate works from these artists to add to the tapestry of international reflections and practices on performativity and borders, exploring themes of purpose, spiritual explorations, performative practice, and more.

In her performance to camera, co-commissioned in partnership with performance, possession, and automation, Rosa explores her encounters with Black Madonnas and their radical apparitions. This exploration draws from her personal ongoing journey, starting with her pilgrimage ten years ago in Cuba and continuing through this year's trip to Le Puy, France.

Party Office, founded by Vidisha-Fadescha will guest curate a pamphlet of texts and resources. Rooted in poet and activist June Jordan’s poem “we are the ones we have been waiting for,” the pamphlet is an assembly of artists who archive and speak of their communities through first person story-telling and interventions, in a "translational" dialogue, through performance, videos, and writing.

Join us to talk about these new commissions as a part of performingborders’ 2024 program, meet the artists, and explore the ongoing conversation between artists, thinkers, and activists that are a part of performingborders’ platform.

English live captions are provided by the National Captioning Institute and Rev.com.

Photo credit: (Left) Rosa-Johan Uddoh, photo by Louis Brown. (Right) Photo by Vidisha-Fadescha.

Rosa-Johan Uddoh is an interdisciplinary artist working towards radical self-love, inspired by Black feminist practice and writing. Through performance, writing, film, and multimedia installation, she explores the effects of specific places, objects, and characters in popular culture, on self-formation. Rosa was shortlisted for the Jarman Award 2022 for her filmmaking, and Iniva’s Stuart Hall Library Artist-in-Residence in 2020. Rosa is a lecturer in performance at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London, and her first book, Practice Makes Perfect, was published by Book Works and Focal Point Gallery in 2022. Website.

Vidisha-Fadescha is an artist, curator, and a cultural critic. Through lived experience of a radical gender, caste, race, and disability, they suggest centering one’s own pleasure and wellbeing as a liberatory practice towards abolition. Their artwork includes video, sound, text, and performance. Fadescha founded Party Office, an anti-caste, anti-racist, trans-feminist, Queer Anarchist, art and social space and time in 2020. Through collective practices, publications, grants, archives, parties, geographic refuge, and more, they are building translational dialogues on empathetic futures, care communities, and radical agency. Party Office b2b Fadescha was a lumbung artist at documenta fifteen 2022. Website.

performingborders is a collectively run platform for artistic research and creation, focused on notions and lived experiences of intersectional borders through international live art and performance practices. Drawing from the knowledge shared by the contributors of the platform, performingborders has over the years created a digital and live tapestry of interconnected, transnational experiments through interviews, artist commissions, open calls, publications, residencies, workshops, conversations, events, newsletters, and performingbordersLIVE. All our work is freely accessible online. Co-run by Alessandra Cianetti, Xavier de Sousa and Anahí Saravia Herrera, in collaboration with guest curators, thinkers, artists, activists, and researchers. Website.


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