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Stephanie McKee

Stephanie McKee is a performer, choreographer, educator, facilitator and cultural organizer based in New Orleans, LA. She is the Artistic Director for Junebug Productions Inc., the organizational successor to the Free Southern Theater (FST), which was formed in 1963 to be a cultural arm of the Civil Rights Movement - "a theater for those who have no theater." The FST was a major influence in the Black Theater Movement. Ms McKee is a member of Alternate ROOTS and the founder of Moving Stories Dance Project, an organization committed to dance education that provides opportunities for dancers and choreographers to showcase their talents. As an artist and cultural organizer deeply committed to creating work that is in concert with community concerns.

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That Blue Sky with Stephanie McKee of Junebug Productions

That Blue Sky with Stephanie McKee of Junebug Productions

From the Ground Up Podcast Episode #6

1 April 2019

In episode six of the From the Ground Up podcast, Jeffrey Mosser interviews Stephanie McKee about the history of Junebug Productions, and how they look to "that blue sky" to imagine what is possible for the future.

Interview with Carol Bebelle

Interview with Carol Bebelle

18 January 2013

Carol Bebelle, co-founder of Ashé Cultural Arts Center discusses community and vision New Orleans.