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Introducing Hannah Fenlon, HowlRound Communications Consultant!

We’re happy to announce the newest addition to the HowlRound team, Hannah Fenlon! Hannah joined us on 27 September 2021 as our new communications consultant. For the next seven months, she will work closely with the HowlRound team to develop and execute integrated marketing and communication strategies; to act as primary creative director, content developer, and manager for our social media channels; and to help us tell HowlRound’s story to the world.

Hannah, our new communications consultant, wearing a black-and-white shirt with horizontal stripes and a light blue scarf.

Photo credit: Jose M. Marmolejos.

Hannah Fenlon (she/hers) is a cultural strategist and arts administrator with a background in the performing arts and higher education. She is deeply interested in the power of bringing together creative people to increase our sense of shared purpose and to improve our social infrastructure. Lately, she has been serving as an organizational development and operations consultant, antiracism and anti-oppression facilitator, and leadership coach for partners across the country, and is committed to supporting organizations and groups seeking to dismantle and heal from white supremacy. Hannah was previously the associate director of conferences and fieldwide learning for Theatre Communications Group (TCG) and the alumni and communications manager for artEquity. She holds a MA in arts administration from Columbia University and a BA in drama from Kenyon College, and she has also worked with the Juilliard School, the University of Chicago, and numerous arts and culture organizations. She is a 2021 Citizen University Civic Saturday Fellow and currently lives in her home state of Indiana with her puppy, partner, and lots and lots of books. You can learn more about Hannah by visiting her website at https://hannahfenlon.com/.

Please join us in welcoming Hannah to the team!

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