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Introducing the World Theatre Map Ambassadors



The World Theatre Map beta project has engaged a first cohort of twenty-eight World Theatre Map Ambassadors from twenty-four countries to direct outreach, community organizing, and feedback gathering. Back in May, this cohort answered an open-call to help us during this initial beta phase.

This current beta period started in January and will continue throughout 2017. The following list is our development goals at the moment: 

  • Achieve a rich diversity and large quantity of information about theatre organizations, theatremakers, and performance events.
  • Engage a diverse and large quantity of theatremakers who are accessing this knowledge resource.
  • Get participation in building and evolving the website’s features and utility.

In addition to this group, we are calling on all theatremakers and organizations to join us in building this resource to help all of us to connect to the world-wide theatre community. Guided by the principles of the commons, this project is a work-in-progress. Future versions of the website will be shaped and managed by the feedback of participants and organizations who are using it.

As we've been working with this cohort of Ambassadors, they have helped us to refine, iterate, and specify the mission of the World Theatre Map project to align and express itself even closer to HowlRound's mission and values:

Make the global theatre community visible to each other by facilitating cross-border conversation, idea sharing, and movement building. 

And without futher ado, please welcome the first cohort of World Theatre Map Ambassadors:

Cristina Idiarte, Argentina
Maximiliano Altieri, Argentina
Goldele Rayment, Australia
Paola Pilnik, Brazil, United States
Raoni Moreira, Brazil, Chile
Milena Demireva, Bulgaria
Leanna Brodie, Canada
Camila Le-Bert, Chile
Nancy Franco, Colombia
Simón Adinia Hanukai, France
Lara Chahal, Germany
Natália Kovács, Hungary
Abhishek Iyengar, India
Pamela McQueen, Ireland
Mona Merhi, Lebanon
Misheck Rumbani MzumaraMalawi
Mariela Lopez FloresMexico
Mohamed El Kajjouny, Morocco
Brendan McCall, Norway
Frances Marcell Sierra Rodríguez, Peru
Andrei Nikolai PamintuanPhilippines
Zenkő Bogdán, Romania
Roberto Ramos de León, Spain
Alonso Lobato, Spain
Judha SuThailand
Amy Clare Tasker, United Kingdom
Tory E. Davidson, United States
Adriana Gaviria, United States

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